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AgNP Colloidal nano silver contains a powerful structure that fights bacteria, fungi, molds, viruses and pathogens. It is highly effective and works non-specifically on a wide range of pathogens and micro-organisms. Our laboratory developed unique nano silver structure contains highly active particles with a tiny size of 5-15nm exhibiting excellent activity at very low concentrations (5-25ppm).

Nano silver exhibits strong, fast and long lasting antibacterial, anti microbial, anti viral and antifungal properties in a broad spectrum of application making it ideal for sensitive skin, and most skin inflammations.

Nano silver is non-ionic, is not to sensitive to light and easily penetrates deep into cells and tissues. Colloidal silver concentrate AgNP is naturally brown in colour, as the concentration increases, a true colloidal silver transitions from a golden amber to a dark brown.


Each 10ml Amber bottle contains 200 drops, when diluted makes 8 litres of 10ppm Nano colloidal silver. Ideal for travelling, using daily or emergancy use and diluting to your own strength.


We ship to the UK & USA.

Colloidal Silver Concentrate AgNP 8000ppm


Colloidal Silver 8000ppm

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