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Skin Silk is our popular original formula infused with hyaluronic acid Colloidal Silver and Colloidal copper designed for dehydrated and aging skin. Formulated for all skin types this nutrient rich moisturiser contains particles of silver and copper that help improve skin's complextion and smoothness. Colloidal Copper, known for its collagen boosting properties works with the other actives vitamin E, Argan Oil, along with Hyaluronic acid and Aloe Vera to revive tired skin.

Suitable for sensitive, dehydrated and aging skin.

Available in 30ml and 120ml.

Skin Silk Moisturiser


Skin Silk Moisturiser can be used on its own or as part of a skincare routine. Ideally use after applying one of Faithly's skin gels to lock in the active ingredients. Using your finger tips apply a pea sized amount evenly over your face and decolletage.

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