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Shilajit is not your average skincare ingredient, this little known Himalayan rock is a natural source of retinol and rich in fulvic acid, copper and over 82 other minerals it packs a punch to your skincare. 


The Shilajit Wrinkle Buster Eye Serum contains over 84 minerals, Silver & Gold Colloidals, Argan & Jojoba Oil, plus MSM and DMSO your skin will be getting all this goodness in one big hit. The anti-aging and rejuventating formula will help puffiness around your eyes, reduce wrinkles, repair and protect skin tissue keeping your skin glowing. Treat your skin to this powerful antioxidant and help your skin regenerate.

We extract our own shilajit from the raw rock harvested from the himalyan mountains.


10ml Amber Glass Roller Bottle



Shilajit Wrinkle Buster Eye Serum

SKU: SHIL-LIQ-ALL-10-00-00

Shake well before use, this is a natural product with no emulsifiers and requires a quick shake before each use.

This eye serum is the last step in your morning and evening skincare routine and should be applied after moisturising your face, sweep the roller ball dispenser around your eyes and pat gently to ensure it is evenly absorbed into your skin. 

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